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Aquarium Coatings

Spray applied, watertight, fish friendly, and QUICK! Aquarium coatings from Unique Resins are ideal for waterproofing and lining aquariums and fishponds. Originally developed for heavy-duty industrial applications, Unique Resins's aquarium coatings were designed from the outset to be tough, durable, and really quick to apply and set. But more importantly for fish related applications, they were also designed to be totally inert so that, once cured, they will not create any contamination or react with any other substances present. Not only that, but our range of aquarium coatings can be applied in any choice of colour and in custom surface finishes from smooth easy clean finishes to high grip, non slip finishes.

No water quality problem. Unlike some other materials used in aquarium sealing or aquarium lining, Unique Resins's aquarium coatings have no water-soluble components and do not leach any contaminant into the water. Even better, long term tests and years of use have confirmed that our aquarium linings do not encourage algae growth at all and any natural algae surface deposits can be completely removed extremely easily.

Fish-friendly colourful finishes. Customized surface texturing is a major advantage in many ways. Any surface where fish may come into contact with the aquarium linings can be textured to avoid or eliminate any damage to the fish. Where your aquarium linings are required to provide good grip for aquatic plant life to become established, the surface can be customised accordingly. And, of course, the fact that your aquarium coatings can be supplied in any of the RAL colours means it’s easy to ensure all aspects of the aesthetics of fish displays are just how they should be.

Unique Resins has it covered. Our aquarium linings can be applied in thicknesses from 1 mm to 5 mm in one application. They bond perfectly to glass or other transparent materials used for fish tank sides or underwater viewing areas. Our aquarium coatings can be used to coat any surface – concrete, wood, plastic, metals, etc. They can even be applied on loose substrates such as sand or soils – it’s possible to just dig a hole, perform some minimal surface preparation, then spray on Unique Resins to achieve a watertight pool lining. Unbelievable? It’s already been done many times.

Fast and efficient. Our aquarium coatings cure incredibly quickly even at low operating temperatures. This fast application process means the fish can be back into their repaired or refurbished home in a very short space of time. It means new build projects can be completed very quickly and economically cutting out the expenses associated with the alternative long drawn out construction methods. Plus once applied, the in built flexibility of the coating means it is extremely resistant to cracking or splitting caused by natural ground movement or vibration. Our aquarium linings are easy to keep clean and in the event of any unfortunate accidental damage are easy to repair – by simply applying a neat secondary coat of coating over the damaged area.

For a fast, tough, flexible, totally waterproof, fish friendly solution for aquariums and fishponds – just call for Unique Resins.

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