Carpark Decking

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Carpark Decking

The only high performance waterproofing system that fully matches the demanding requirements for carpark decking and can be applied in double quick time.

Unique Resins's carpark decking solution is a high performance, fast-setting waterproofing system that protects concrete, timber, masonry and steel structures from deterioration by water and chloride ions.

Applying carpark decking. Our carpark decking solution is spray-applied and designed to be a water and chemical-resistant coating with added abrasion resistance. It can be applied to virtually any surface, including horizontal and vertical, to form a tough abrasion resistant membrane that is durable enough to accommodate most normal movement contained within structures of all types.

Key advantages of Unique Resins carpark decking. Customers tell us they main reasons they choose our carpark decking solutions are;

  • "Rapid application and curing — its quick curing properties allow it to be handled/walked upon in under 20 minutes."
  • "100% effective waterproofing — based on technically advanced products."
  • "Site applied in thickness’ from 1 mm to 5 mm in one application."
  • "Heavy duty throughout — Full system applied to all areas, not just Ramps etc. will ensure long term protection."
  • "Weather tolerant — applied in the widest range of climatic conditions and temperatures enabling all year round flexible programming."
  • "Unsurpassed bond strength — greater cohesive and adhesive bond strength to the substrate is the key to the System’s durability."
  • "Can be sprayed vertically as well as horizontally, making it ideal for those overhead applications."
  • "Elasticity — tests of crack bridging at 2 mm achieved."
  • "Rapid spray applied and cure — ideal system for fast track construction and short possession work."
  • "Lightweight — minimises dead load when compared to mastic asphalt."
  • "Ease of detailing and day works joints — seamless, liquid system provides ease of detailing and formation of day joints."
  • "Easy to repair — damage repair can be carried out very effectively and quickly at all stages in the life of the system without any problems in terms of bond strength or time consuming preparatory work."
  • "Unique 10 year independent insurance backed guarantee available."
  • "Can be steam cleaned and degreased."
  • "Long service life — with excellent resistance to ageing, UV, abrasion, weathering, de-icing salts, and chemical attack."

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