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Flat Roofing and Flat Roof Coatings

Whether you are looking for industrial roof refurbishment, roof repairs, a new waterproof insulated roof or to bring a tired old roof back into service, Unique Resins have the industrial roof coatings solution for you.

Full range of industrial roofing solutions. Unique Resins offers bespoke roofing solutions to meet the most specific of needs. We have a range of insulated roofing solutions, sprayed polyurea roof refurbishment solutions and resin roof repairs solutions... Read more

Green Roofing

Green roofing, also known as 'green roofs', 'vegetative roofs’, ‘living roofs’, ‘eco-roofs’ and 'sedum roofs' are roofing systems where living plants are installed on top of conventional roofs. A green roof can keep your buildings cooler, save energy, enhance the useful life of the roof, and add beauty and useable space.

Modern green roofs. Modern green roofing supports a natural ecosystem and provide the greatest benefit in urban areas and in large industrial or commercial sites where impervious surfaces dominate. Our green roofing systems typically consist of a waterproof roof coating, a layer of soil and a drainage layer. Green roof plants are then planted which will quickly cover the soil and prevent erosion, retain rainwater, and provide insulation and respirative cooling...Read more

Roof Repairs & Roof Refurbishment

The Unique Resins range of roof coatings solutions are perfect for roof repairs and roof refurbishment. Our spray applied resin roof coatings have high elastomeric properties meaning they can bridge gaps, holes and cracks easily - whilst remaining flexible enough to expand, contract and move with the surface they are applied to - eliminating any further cracks from appearing for many years to come...Read more

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