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Bund Linings

Unique Resins Bund linings are ideal for liquid containment facilities. Our robust coating solutions for bunds ensure your bund will be fit for purpose in the event of a leak or catastrophic failure...Read More

Swimming Pool Refurbishment and Swimming Pool Linings

Over time, traditional pool linings can crack and deteriorate, allowing water to leak into the pool surroundings. Unique Resins's swimming pool coatings ensure your swimming pool is coated to last...Read More

Aquarium Coatings

Spray applied, watertight, fish friendly, and QUICK! Aquarium coatings from Unique Resins are ideal for waterproofing and lining aquariums and fishponds. Originally developed for heavy-duty industrial applications, Unique Resins's aquarium coatings were designed from the outset to be tough, durable, and really quick to apply and set. But more importantly for fish related applications, they were also designed to be totally inert so that, once cured, they will not create any contamination or react with any other substances present. Not only that, but our range of aquarium coatings can be applied in any choice of colour and in custom surface finishes from smooth easy clean finishes to high grip, non slip finishes...Read More

Zoo Enclosure Linings

Our hardwearing, fast applied, seamless and waterproof resin linings are perfect for zoo enclosures, be it for internal enclosures, external enclosures or aquarium enclosures....Read More

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