All Weather Roof Coating

A 1 coat, permanently elastomeric, fibre reinforced coating that is specifically engineered to provide a durable and cost effective roof water & weatherproofing solution

Metflex All Weather Roof Coating not only provides instant waterproofing but also because of it’s unique chemistry and fibre reinforcing system won’t shrink, crack or become brittle.

The roof coating requires minimal preparation. Removal of localised dirt, moss, loose materials and other contaminants etc, preferably by pressure washing (min 2000 psi). Areas of moss, algae etc may require the application of Metflex Fungicidal Solution

Metflex All Weather Roof Coating is quickly and easily applied by soft brush, soft broom or squeegee. Any cracks and gaps should be repaired using Metflex Reinforcing Mesh embedded into a coat of All Weather Roof Coating.

Price: £TBC

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