Silverflex Roof Coating

Elastomeric roof waterproofing membrane - brush & spray grade

Metflex Silverflex is a liquid applied coating based on polyurethane prepolymers, which cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to give a continuous film that is rubbery and elastic. It contains leafing aluminium which gives excellent UV resistance.

Solid, Seamless, Flexible

Metflex Silverflex is a very high solid coating designed to give a high build film. It can be brush or roller applied but it has a higher viscosity than conventional paint and should not be diluted. Metflex Silverflex cures to a permanently flexible seamless membrane that has good adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

High Flexibility and Crack Resistance

Metflex Silverflex does not readily embrittle with age, exposure to UV radiation or weathering. Since the product is elastomeric it does not crack at low temperatures or suffer thermal low at elevated temperatures. Metflex Silverflex can be supplied as a sprayable grade.

10 Year Guarantee

This product comes with a 10 year product replacement warranty.

Price: £TBC

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