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Swimming Pool Repair and Swimming Pool Linings

Over time, traditional pool linings can crack and deteriorate, allowing water to leak into the pool surroundings. Unique Resins's swimming pool coatings ensure your swimming pool is coated to last.

Hardwearing pool coatings. Swimming pool linings from Unique Resins derive from rigorously tested, high performing, industrial floor coatings. Our coating solutions are built to last, to withstand harsh wearing conditions, to flex with the substrate they are coating and avoid cracking, to be abrasion and chemical resistant and to be easy to clean. Our swimming pool familiy of resin linings can also be seen in our aquarium arena solutions, providing easy to clean, odourless, algae free, fish-friendly solutions.

Colourful swimming pool linings. Our swimming pool coverings are available in a full range of colours and textures. Whether you opt for traditional blue or a vibrant green, you will enjoy a smooth, seamless finish that will stand the test of time.

Slip resistant swimming pool linings. Our swimming pool coverings can be mixed with a number of aggregates to provide you with the perfect slip-free finish, giving you an instantly waterproof, slip resistant, impermeable coating that's durable, hardwearing and pleasing to the eye.

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