Zoo Enclosures

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Zoo Enclosure Linings

Our hardwearing, fast applied, seamless and waterproof resin linings are perfect for zoo enclosures, be it for internal enclosures, external enclosures or aquarium enclosures.

Resilient zoo enclosures. Our zoo enclosure coatings are made to last. The coatings we use for zoo enclosures are similar in make up to those used for heavy duty industrial solutions like chemical containment, hygienic flooring and car park decking. Our heritage is in producing the most hardwearing yet flexible coatings systems available - and our zoo enclosures are just that.

Fast applied zoo enclosure linings. Our zoo enclosure linings can be spray applied or hand applied providing you with a smooth, seamless finish of the highest quality. What's more, our products can be laid in minutes and set in seconds - limiting the downtime off your zoo enclosure and getting it back in service, fast.

Built to last. All of our coatings products are built to last. Their inherent properties make them highly abrasion resistant, fire resistant, impact resistant, slip resistant and completely waterproof. No matter how vigorous the environment in which our coatings are laid, you can be sure that it will outlast even the highest expectations.

Colourful zoo enclosures. Our zoo enclosure coatings can be made to match almost any colour scheme. We have a full colour palette available for you to choose from and a full range of decorative aggregates that can be added too if you are looking for that extra special finish.

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